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Magic Pest and Lawn

   Pest control and weed control in Austin

We specialize in Dripping Springs pest control.  The owner Neal Kezar grew up in Dripping Springs TX, so he knows all too well about all of your pest problems especially scorpion control, fire ants and pesky hill country weeds.  Dripping Springs is home to founders day, it's the gateway to the hill country and of course our actual dripping springs.  We provide all of your pest control and weed control needs from small lots to ranches and everything in between.  We are Dripping Springs TX Pest Control Specialists.  Flies eating all of your feed? We can kill them for good.  To slow Pests down a quarterly spray is suggested if not required.  Spraying every two months is usually your best bet doing lawn pest control every six months is going to give you even more success in Dripping Springs TX.   Pest control in Dripping Springs is our specialty.  Constant Dripping Springs pest control will help keep the mosquito population off of your property including pests like scorpions, wasps, ants, ticks, fleas and other bugs.  The Owner Neal Kezar grew up in Dripping Springs and understands the weed and bug issues that we have. It requires a more specialized plan of attack against weeds and pests.  That is why doing preemptive treatments is always a better choice than treating a problem that already exists.  We are your experts Dripping Springs TX pest control experts.  If you have any pest needs ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and anything else that is bugging you!  Have pest control problems in Dripping Springs? Call us for a free estimate.